The Israel Arts and Science Academy (IASA)

The Israel Arts and Sciences Academy (IASA) is Israel's first and only residential high school designed specifically for gifted students. Established on the three pillars of excellence, leadership, and community service, IASA offers demanding academic studies, a rich and supportive community life, and holistic character development for leadership and civic responsibility.

IASA was founded in 1990 by the Israel Center for Excellence through Education (ICEE) to provide a learning environment for Israel’s outstanding students from different communities around the country. Our unique admissions process enables students from diverse backgrounds to demonstrate their abilities and gain entrance to the school, without any regards for socio-economic, geographic, or religious considerations.

At IASA, secular and religious Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Druze, kibbutz members, city youngsters, and immigrants live, learn, and grow together.
IASA's beautiful green Schusterman Campus is an ideal location for talented, motivated young people to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

Academics studies

IASA's academic program is centered around four specialist subjects: the sciences, plastic arts, humanities, and music. Curricula in these subject areas foster curiosity, innovative thinking, and independent research.

The science department:
IASA’s challenging STEM curriculum equips students with the knowledge and skills to engage in theoretical analysis and intensive laboratory research. Personalized study programs include core courses in physics, chemistry, computer science, and mathematics, as well as electives in subjects such as astrophysics, thermodynamics, brain research, quantum theory, and oceanography. Independent study has resulted in numerous research papers, some of which have gained prizes in national and international competitions.

The plastic arts department: the curriculum includes classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and video and digital arts. It offers students experience in independent studio work under the guidance of professional artists. Students also gain a thorough foundation in theory and art history.

The music department: focusing primarily on classical music, the curriculum provides students with professional skills in performance, composition, and research. Faculty members are respected composers and instrumentalists. Upon graduating, students are positioned to pursue a professional future in the music world and some are accepted to the army music corps or receive the titles “Excellent Musician”.

The humanities department: the first of its kind in Israel, the program exposes students to the essential texts of Western culture, foundational texts of the three monotheistic religions, and contemporary thought and literature. Students complete the program with an extensive research paper, supervised by experts from respected academic institutions. Some of these dissertations have received prizes in national and international competitions.


IASA's unique campus life fosters personal excellence and leadership beyond the classroom walls. Most of IASA’S students live in dormitories on the campus, although the school is also open to a small number of local students who commute daily from their homes. The beautiful green 10-acre campus consists of art studios, music rooms, science and computer labs, classrooms, an auditorium, a library, a fitness center, a gymnasium, and dormitories. Students have a team of teachers, dormitory staff, and guidance counselors to support their academic and personal well-being.

Over their three years at IASA, students take on increasing responsibility for campus life. The wide range of activities are organized by a variety of student committees. These activities include theatre, music, chess, dance, martial arts, politics, religious life, creative writing, journalism, and environmental sustainability. Students are also responsible for many aspects of school life, including the auditorium, supplies, budgeting for student activities, and communication between the student body and school management. Moreover, students are encouraged to take an active interest in current affairs and to connect their classroom learning to civic responsibility.

Community Service

IASA believes that personal excellence goes hand-in-hand with social responsibility, and thus its Crown Community Service Program is a central part of its ethos. IASA students spend every Tuesday afternoon volunteering with disadvantaged children, youth, the elderly, and people with disabilities. While putting their talents to use helping others, students gain an insight into societal needs that often informs their choices as they become leaders in their professional fields.

IASA was the first Israeli high school to establish a formal community service component as part of its curriculum. Thanks to the example set by IASA, other Israeli schools have begun integrating community service and spreading the value of social responsibility nationwide and it has become one of the Ministry of Educations requirements of all students in high school.

Student and Graduate Success

IASA's goal is to promote intellectual curiosity and creative and critical thinking while also cultivating interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and a sense of social responsibility.

Our emphasis on both academic and community life has produced exceptional achievements among IASA’s students and graduates and has turned IASA into one of the most highly regarded high schools in Israel. Our philosophy and pedagogical methods have produced an outstanding success rate among our students. IASA students consistently place first in Israel's national tests. Our graduates make up the highest proportional number of pre-army national-service program participants. Virtually all our students go on to serve in the Israeli Armed Forces. Our students consistently produce the highest number of dissertations – written research projects (Avodot Gemer) in the country and win top places in national and international competitions.

IASA's alumni/alumnae go on to become leaders in a wide range of fields – academic and scientific research, education, social entrepreneurship, music, visual arts, hi tech, law, medicine, culture, and technological development. Our graduates are distinguished by an exceptional tendency to combine professional success with contributing to the local and global communities.

For more details and to get to know IASA better, you are warmly invited to register for our Open House Day for families of students in 9th grade [Here].

IASA Middle School
In 2017, IASA opened the doors of its new middle school, located in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood near the IASA High School. The new non-residential IASA-Middle School offers IASA's unique excellent educational experience to students in grades 6-9 from Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. For more information about the IASA Middle School, please visit its site.

IASA High School and IASA Middle School offer students a uniquely enriching learning experience and are living laboratories for developing educational excellence for any youngster who wishes to experience a high level of education in the company of like-minded people.